Hold onto your phones! Thefts at I.S. 187 schoolyard

October 21, 2013 Denise Romano
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Parents are concerned about a recent rash of thefts taking place at the schoolyard turned community playground at I.S. 187 Christa McAuliffe Junior High School.

Debbie F.’s 12-year-old son, Tyler, had his phone stolen while he was playing basketball in the playground, located on the corner of 12th Avenue and 65th Street, on a recent Saturday afternoon.

“They are a nice group of kids playing in the handball and basketball courts. During the day it is being watched and safe, but after hours, the boys put their electronics and stuff to the side,” she explained. “People are just coming by and stealing.”

The family made a police report to the 68th Precinct. Officers told them that this is not the first time a complaint such as this has been made.

“It’s a safe neighborhood and area,” Debbie said. “But it’s the hottest thing to steal, iPods, iPhones and electronics. They know that they [the victims] aren’t as aware as older adults.”

According to CompStat, instances of grand larcenies and petit larcenies are down in the 68th Precinct compared to last year, by 37.5 percent and 40 percent respectively. Officers from the 68th Precinct were unable to comment on these specific cases.

But the Dyker Heights mom said that she just wants to raise awareness of the issue.

“They are being taken advantage of,” Debbie contended of her son and his friends. “They have phones. We like to be in touch. They put them [electronics] together in the same bag, have it near them and people are just coming by and stealing when they aren’t paying attention. They are a nice group of kids playing. We have never had any problems but the robberies.”

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