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Carroll Gardens resident to celebrate her 80th birthday with parachute jump

October 17, 2013 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Earlier this year, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle featured an article about Carroll Gardens grandmother Carolyn Meiselbach, who parachuted from a plane 13,500 feet off the ground in upstate Gardiner, N.Y.

On Oct. 26, to celebrate her 80th birthday, Meiselbach will tandem-jump again from the same location near New Paltz. This time, she will be part of a group of about 15 “Ethical Eagles” representing the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.

They are using the event to publicize the mission of the American Ethical Society (the parent group of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, which describes Ethical Culture as a humanist educational group that has “faith in the capacity and responsibility of human beings to act in their personal relationships and in the larger community to help create a better world.”

Ms. Meiselbach, who has lived in Carroll Gardens for 24 years, has several medical conditions, including arthritis and diabetes, and wears a pacemaker. The last time she jumped, her doctors, as well as her two sons, grandchildren and one great-grandchild, advised her against making the jump. Now, she says, “I don’t even bother [to ask doctors’ advice].

“But when I tell some people about it, they say, `Take me with you!’”

The last time, Meiselbach recalls, she was “pushed and pulled” during the flight by her co-parachutist, a 60-year-old instructor. The easiest part, she says, was the landing – “I fell right on top of him.”

The jump on Oct. 26 will be just one part of a big party for Meiselbach. A van will leave early in the morning from the Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society headquarters, and will take people back afterward for the big bash, which will feature food, a DJ and dancing.

Before Meiselbach retired, she was sort of a “Jane of all trades” whose experience included six years with the U.S. Navy. She grew up in Staten Island. When she was younger, she took a course in parachuting but never followed up on it – until now.

The jump is being supervised by Skydive Ranch. The Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society is located in a historic mansion at 53 Prospect Park West.

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