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Brooklyn Chamber to lead renewed effort to form Business Improvement District

October 8, 2013 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has formed a partnership with the 7th Avenue BID Steering Committee to lead the effort to create a Business Improvement District that would run from St. John’s Place to 16 Street along the heart of Park Slope.

Under the leadership of local elected officials spearheaded by Council Member Brad Lander’s Office, not-for-profits and civic associations – including both the Park Slope Civic Association and Park Slope Chamber of Commerce – the 7th Avenue BID Steering Committee has made remarkable progress. 

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, which is currently engaged in the launch of a 13th Avenue Dyker Heights BID, will lend its staff time, promotion, marketing, volunteers and technical support for the initiative.   

“The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the 7th Avenue BID Steering Committee are the right team to make a cleaner, greener, and safer 7th Avenue,” said Council Member Brad Lander. “Business Improvement Districts have revitalized commercial strips across the city. I look forward to seeing the new services and events coming to 7th Avenue.” 

“The creation of a Business Improvement District along 7th Avenue will go a long way in ensuring that this section of Park Slope remains one of the most vibrant shopping corridors in the borough,” said Carlo A. Scissura, President & CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. “Our job will be to bring together local merchants, civic leaders and residents – making sure business flourishes and that Brooklyn remains a great place to live and shop. Thank you to our partners the Park Slope Chamber of Commerce, Park Slope Civic Council, Council Member Brad Lander, Community Board 6, and Methodist Hospital for their help throughout this process.” 

“We are looking forward to partnering with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce in advancing the BID Steering Committee initiative to enhance and beautify the 7th Avenue corridor,” said Mitchell Szpicek, Vice-President of the Park Slope Chamber of Commerce.

“The creation of a Seventh Avenue BID is crucial to ensuring that Seventh Avenue retains its status as a leading commercial corridor in Brownstone Brooklyn,” said Michael Cairl, President of the Park Slope Civic Council.  “A BID not only ensures that the trash is removed but provides valuable promotional services.  We look forward to each of the three commercial corridors serving Park Slope – Flatbush, Fifth and Seventh Avenues – having a BID, together ensuring the commercial vitality of Park Slope.” 

The proposed BID will not replace services that the City currently provides, but rather create a steady stream of funds to supplement what is already being done and advocate for additional resources from the City. All services would be funded by a special assessment paid by property owners within the district. 

“Park Slope’s 7th Avenue is already a wonderful shopping experience that can only be better with a BID. The whole neighborhood will benefit from cleaner sidewalks and streets, enhanced security and a stronger local economy – the mainstay of every good BID. And with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s involvement we take comfort that the planning is in expert hands,” said Craig Hammerman, District Manager, Brooklyn’s Community Board 6.



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