Going to the Pulaski Day Parade? MTA running shuttle buses

October 4, 2013 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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If you’re going to the Pulaski Day Parade on Sunday, the MTA will accommodate you by putting extra shuttle buses on the street of north Brooklyn to take you to Manhattan.

The shuttle buses are needed because G train service will be curtailed during the weekend due to repairs, said Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D-Greenpoint-North Brooklyn).

The G train will not be in service between Nassau Avenue and Court Square on the weekend of Oct. 5-6 so that damage to the subway line caused by Superstorm Sandy last year can be repaired.

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On previous weekends when G train service has been affected by repairs, the MTA has put shuttle buses on the streets along the subway route to help passengers get to where they’re going.

With the big parade coming up on Oct. 6, Lentol called on the MTA to increase the number of shuttle buses to accommodate the increased ridership that will be traveling from North Brooklyn to Manhattan for the parade.

Greenpoint has one of the largest Polish communities in all of the United States, which explains the expected increase in ridership from Greenpoint to Manhattan, Lentol said. 

The Pulaski Day Parade is held every year to commemorate Kazimierz Pulaski, a Polish hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Concerned that Greenpoint residents would miss out on the parade, Lentol reached out to the MTA. “I made several calls to the MTA asking them to make the necessary increases in service to ensure that Greenpoint residents attending the parade are not severely inconvenienced,” Lentol said.

“I am happy to say the people of Greenpoint should have a significantly easier commute to Manhattan for the Pulaski Day Parade,” he said.

Lentol said The MTA officials confirmed to him that there will be up to six additional busses operating during peak hours. The number of buses is based upon past service patterns on the day of the Pulaski Day Parade.

The MTA will also have staff members on hand monitoring the key locations along the shuttle bused route to ensure the operations go as smoothly as possible, Lentol said.



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