Jam out at “The Cove” for a good cause

October 1, 2013 Jaime DeJesus
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On October 19, local 80’s music nostalgia returns to The Salty Dog for the fifth Cove Event, all in the name of charity.

Before they shut their doors for good, The Cove was a significant music venue in Bay Ridge during the 1980’s, which showcased talented local rock bands.

Mike Riddle, organizer of the event and founding member of the group “The City Kids” fondly recalls the significance of the local music scene back then. He still believes in current local music as he currently a member of several bands, including one called “Prodigal Child.”

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“Back in the day in Bay Ridge, there was a thriving music scene. The City Kids and Lynch Boys were among some of the more veteran seasoned acts. There were others but these stand out,” said Riddle. “That is part of what is being represented at the event and of course lots of great memories.”

During this musical throwback event, many of the bands that took the stage and made history at the Cove will be reuniting to perform during the all-day benefit concert. What will make the event extra memorable is those classic local bands such as City Kids, Workin’ Class and The Lynch Boys will be appearing with many of the original members. These groups have still resonated with the borough after all these years, as the demand for this event is consistently strong.

This year, Riddle decided that the proceeds to this year’s event should go to the Guild for Exceptional Children, a longtime Brooklyn organization that aids children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“We said, ‘We should charge for admission.’ Then we said, ‘We should donate the money to charity.’ But, it seemed like a good way to raise money for The Guild For Exceptional Children, so we kept going,” said Riddle. “They are a home grown Brooklyn organization that is very deserving. Great group of people over there as well. “

Included in the musical lineup are AI Lama and friends, Head N’ South, John Gatto (of the Good Rats), acoustic, featuring: Anne Regina, Whippoorwill (with GEC Director Paul Cassone) City Kids (original members Mike Riddle, Annie B., Vince Reed and Jane T), The Lynch Boys, Workin’ Class (original lineup) and The Piranha Brothers.

Entry for the event, which is from 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., is $20 and will include one free drink. The Salty Dog, host and sponsor of the event, is located at 7509 3rd Ave. All ages are welcome.

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