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Fort Hamilton museum closed by government shutdown

October 1, 2013 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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One of the casualties of the federal government shutdown is the Harbor Defense Museum on the US Army Garrison at Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge, according to Col. Eluyn Gines, the fort’s commanding officer.

On Tuesday, Gines posted a statement on his Facebook page detailing the services at the fort that have been curtailed due to the shutdown, as well as the activities still available to fort personnel.

The Harbor Defense Museum, which re-opened only last month after a lengthy shutdown for a $1.3 million renovation project, will be closed for the duration of the government shutdown, Gines reported. The museum has artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War.

History buffs aren’t the only ones who will suffer from the machinations in Washington. Soldiers who are hungry are going to have to find other places to eat. The fort’s commissary will also be closed, thanks to the shutdown.

“I realize this is a time of uncertainty as the possibility of a government shutdown has come to be a reality. I remain cautiously optimistic that this situation will be resolved in time, and we would be able resume to providing the top-notch services to the Fort Hamilton community and our customers,” Gines wrote.

“The Department of Defense and Department of Army have issued guidance as to which functions may remain in operation, primarily those appropriated fund services directly supporting a host of national security functions, and at the Garrison level these are primarily those supporting  life, health and safety, as well as protection of property,” Gines wrote.

Services deemed important but not essential, such as the fort’s Child Development Center, will continue operating, but only for 14 days.

Those seeking to obtain an ID card will have to wait as the staff has been reduced and will process applications by appointment only, Gines wrote.

Built in 1825, Fort Hamilton is the only active military base in New York City.


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