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Get in shape at Prospect Park…with your dog

September 19, 2013 By Samantha Samel Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Dogs and exercise are two things many New Yorkers struggle to make time for. When your daily routine involves hopping on and off the subway, it can be difficult to find the hours and the space to keep up with your own fitness, much less a pet’s. But with Go Fetch Run, an exercise class created by dog-owner and mother Angi Aramburu, New Yorkers have the opportunity to get in a great workout and exercise their dog at the same time. The only classes in New York City that are open to both people and their canine counterparts, Go Fetch Run launched in Prospect Park this past spring.

“I’ve always been into fitness and faced the daily dilemma of whether to take the dog on a long walk or get in a good workout myself. Either way I would end up feeling guilty about not working out myself or not giving the dog enough exercise,” Aramburu told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. After having her second child, Aramburu began teaching Stroller Strides classes, which allowed mothers to exercise with their babies. “Then it just clicked. I realized I could start a similar class for people and their dogs. Of course, the dogs get to exercise, too, whereas the babies do not,” said Aramburu. 

The Prospect Park workouts, which will soon be offered in Central Park as well, are an hour in length and “boot camp” in style, which means participants – including dogs – do push-ups, burpees and mountain climbers, as well as strength training with resistance bands. In addition, the classes incorporate a “Down and Dirty Obstacle Course” which includes a high-jump, a hoop to jump (or crab walk) through, weave poles and the tunnel. “The class is designed to provide a total-body workout for people, and mental and physical stimulation for the dogs. Most people are surprised at how tough the workout actually is,” Aramburu told the Eagle. 

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Aramburu says that the class is great for all sizes of dogs – she’s trained everything from a Chihuahua to a German Shepard – and participating dogs do not have to be particularly well-trained or obedient. Interestingly enough, she’s noticed that after a few sessions the dogs seem to get used to the class and their behavior tends to improve.

“Dogs are great workout partners because they never cancel on you, they are always willing to get up and go, and they put a smile on your face through the toughest workouts,” said Aramburu. 

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