Beauty Talk: Color Transition

September 19, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Now that the kids are back to school and fall is upon us, let’s work on getting our new fall hair color. It’s that time of the year to make changes with our face and body creams, make-up, wardrobe and hair color. We go out and buy new clothes because we like the new fashion trends or just because we want a new look. It’s the same for hair color.

Hair color is an art. Let a professional tailor the perfect hair color for you to compliment your skin tone, your hair texture and give you hair some dimension. Allow him or her to harmonize your new color with your natural coloring.

Whether you go bold or subdued, we as colorists like to customize your color to create a shade that is your own, combining multiple hues and application techniques to achieve your unique palette.

We love to see our clients enjoy a bit of glamour and to turn some heads. Here are some secrets to hair color success.

My suggestions are when searching for a new color:

  • Bring pictures from the Internet, magazines, friends’ pictures, etc.
  • Share your lifestyle with your colorist, so he or she can guide you to select a color that compliments you and fits your budget.
  • And, most importantly, find a professional salon with highly trained colorists.

The box color will only get you one color lift. It’s like one size fits all. As a professional, we can choose the right lift that best matches the percentage of gray and hair type each individual has to achieve the desired color shade.

We can send you home with the right color shampoo and conditioners that reduce the fading process. Our Fade Stop Shampoo by GOLDWELL locks in the color molecules while it conditions and intensifies color brilliance. This can keep the look of your freshly colored hair at home so you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors that you have chosen.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Until next week remember: Look your best. Feel your best. Most of all, love yourself.

Olympia Colandrea is the owner of Da Noi on Fifth.


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