Etiquette Boss: Dinnertime decorum

September 18, 2013 Phillipa Morrish
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YOUR BEST INVESTMENT: Etiquette for Children – Beverages

The protocol regarding beverages can intimidate children. What should they do when they spill a drink? Or how do they cool a drink that is too hot? Etc.

Here are some guidelines that will help their confidence at the table.

(a) When a beverage spills in a saucer, it should not be poured back into the cup, nor should it be slurped out of the saucer.

The old custom of drinking tea from a saucer went out in the 18th century. Perhaps this was done to allow the tea to cool before drinking but it is no longer appropriate. Instead, your ambassador-in-training should be encouraged to place a paper napkin under the teacup.

(b) If a beverage is too hot, blowing on the beverage should be discouraged along with the creation of wind tunnels in the mouth to cool the liquid.

Instead, at a formal meal, a teaspoon can be used to test the heat of the beverage. At an informal meal, an ice cube can be used to hasten the cooling process. If the child sips a drink or soup that is too hot, a sip of water will provide instant cooling.

YOUR BEST APPEARANCE: The benefits of facial massage

Parenthesis lines belong on a page and not on our faces. Those unwelcome lines that indent from the side of the nose to the lip line can he lightened by massage. I quote from beauty contributor Mukunda M.: “Lines from nose to side of mouth (nasolabial lines) can be greatly reduced by massaging up and down directly on and along lines with front and tips of index or second finger. Do both sides at same time.

“The massaging friction does the work. They will start to fade almost immediately and in eight to 10 days, you will see definite fading and even greater fading over time.

“To avoid skin pulling or stressing, you first tighten skin by tightening appropriate face muscles. That is done by opening mouth 3/4 and pulling lips firmly back against the teeth.

“Use any oil. Extra virgin olive oil works well. Do it quite fast for fastest results for a minute or so, a few times a day.”

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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