Beauty Talk: Tired of shaving? Hair today, gone tomorrow

September 13, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Now that summer’s over and we’re all done getting that beautiful suntan at the beach or pool, it is the time to get started on removing that unwanted hair from our body. You not must not have any suntan at all, not even from a tanning salon, or the skin may burn during laser hair removal treatment.

Let’s face it; most of us don’t like body hair. We all want smooth skin with no stubs.

Laser hair removal is the best invention ever to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing may be less expensive for one treatment but if you need or want numerous treatments to get rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal is not only less painful but in the long run it might even cost less.

Laser hair removal is the best alternative to either shaving or waxing. Your skin is left smooth and silky. You don’t feel any hair stubs. Your skin elasticity is not being compromised from the pulling associated with waxing.

Even though you may need several treatments with laser, you will see the difference in hair growth after the first one. You will have less hair and the little that grows back will be much thinner.

After completing the entire treatment process, your hair should not grow back for an extended time period, which for some people could be years.

You will probably need some follow-up visits every few months to maintain that smooth, silky look.  Speak to a certified laser technician to see how many treatments you may need.

Remember, since summer is over, this is the best time to get started on your laser hair treatment. There are many different types of laser hair removal equipment ranging from small hand-held devices that are not very effective to stand-alone machines that cost up to $100,000.

One such high-end machine which is used at Da Noi on Fifth is the Candela GentleLASE. It has a high energy laser that creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into skin tissue where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat.

Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Devise (DCD) technology protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen. Together, the long-pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

It will take approximately six treatments to achieve the desired results, but in the long term you will end up with smooth, hairless skin without the pain and cost of waxing.

Until next week, look your best…feel your best. But, most of all, love yourself.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

Olympia Colandrea is the owner of Da Noi on Fifth.

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