Seasonal Tips for Sensitive Skin

September 12, 2013 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) From weather extremes to harsh cleansing products, there is no end to what can trigger irritated skin. For those with a particularly sensitive epidermis, itchy outbreaks may seem like a way of life, especially during the cooler months.

However, a few lifestyle tweaks can help you keep your skin clear and healthy.

With this in mind, the experts at Sun Products, makers of all free clear,the number one detergent brand recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin, are offering some seasonal sensitive skin tips:

Keep a Diary

When your skin feels irritated, write down all the factors that could have come into play — the foods you ate, the fabrics you wore, the weather you were exposed to, and the soaps and lotions you used.

By keeping a skin log, you may notice patterns that could ultimately help you identify triggers to avoid. If self-diagnosis doesn’t work, a visit to an allergist may prove beneficial in helping you pinpoint the source of your woes.

Wash Smart

You may not realize it, but the detergent you use to launder your clothing and linens could be the culprit. The additives that standard detergents contain can be tough on skin. Opt for a gentle hypoallergenic detergent free of perfumes and dyes that’s clinically proven to be gentle for sensitive skin.

For example, all free clear, the number one detergent brand recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin, tackles tough dirt and stains while being gentle on skin. While it’s not intended to treat or prevent allergies, it does effectively remove 99 percent of tree and grass pollen, ragweed pollen, dog and cat danger and dust mite matter with every wash.

More information about skin-friendly laundering can be found at

Shower Time

A long, hot shower may feel great during the cooler months, but it’s not necessarily good for the skin. Prolonged exposure to hot water can have a drying effect. So keep showers quick and cool. Use a hypoallergenic soap designed for sensitive skin.

Afterward, don’t go overboard rubbing down with the towel. Patting yourself dry is a much better option. Keep skin moisturized with a perfume-free lotion.

With a few changes to your daily routine, you can help put your days of itchy, irritated skin behind you.

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