Brooklyn Today for September 3

September 3, 2013 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Good morning. Today is the 246th day of the year. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Sept. 3, 1893, wrote about Joseph Schumaker, a young man from Huntington, Long Island, who decided to dress to the nines and parade about the town, asking young women to marry him. Not unexpectedly, he was turned down, since, according to the Eagle, “Huntington girls prefer longer courtships.”

Schumaker then engaged the services of a “matrimonial agency” under a pseudonym,  and they sent him several photos. He became smitten with one of the young women who wrote back, named Evelyn. Soon he received a second letter from Evelyn, asking him to meet her at a certain address in the city. When he went there and opened the door, his friends were there to greet him. He had been the victim of a practical joke.

Well-known people who were born today include cartoonist Mort Walker (“Beetle Bailey”), actor Charlie Sheen (“Wall Street,” ‘Platoon”), actress Eileen Brennan (“The Last Picture Show,” “Private Benjamin”) and hockey player Cristobal Huet.

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