New Hinsch’s storefront is a sign of the times

August 6, 2013 Denise Romano
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The transformation of Mike’s Hinsch is nearly complete.

The legendary Fifth Avenue eatery – now owned by Mike Moudatsos – has its original cursive sign back in place, with a little something extra.

“We had to take it down; the glass was broken when the building was [power-washed],” explained Moudatsos, who owns Greek diners across Staten Island.

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“We brought it to the shop,” he went on. “It’s very old. It had to be repainted and redecorated and be put up again.”

The familiar “Hinsch” in cursive now has a “Mike’s” in the same font preceding it in the corner, reflecting the new ownership of the eatery.

In addition, a large, vertical sign was also fixed and installed, boasting the restaurant’s new times: open 24 hours, seven days a week.

“We can’t put in signs that are all rusted out,” Moudatsos said.

Inside, the restaurant is getting a makeover, too.

“We are putting in new booths, stools and counters. We are decorating the place with all new floors and walls,” Moudatsos said, adding that the finishing touch will be Brooklyn memorabilia gracing the space.

“This place has been open for so many years. We want to keep it with the retro style,” Moudatsos concluded.

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