Beauty Talk: How to grow out your haircut

July 31, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Every day, at least one of my many clients asks me, ” I would like to grow out my hair for a new look. How do I do it?”

I always recommend my short hair clients get a trim every four to five weeks — no later than that — because short hair gets out of shape faster than shoulder length or long hair, which usually can wait about eight to 10 weeks before it looks out of shape and the ends need to be refreshed.

My advice to clients with short hair trying to grow it out is to skip the cut for about six to eight weeks, give the hair a chance to get to the next length and then if you have layers just cut the length in the back until the sides meet with the back but at the same time shape up the layers so it falls better.

In between, if you can’t get your hair to behave and you are going out for the night, just get a professional blow out.

The in-between stages can be rough if you don’t get it shaped; your stylist can help you through them. Don’t try to do it by yourself for over six to eight weeks, because it can get frustrating and you may end up giving up and cutting it

Be patient and let us professionals help you.

Until next week remember: Look your best…Feel your best… but most of all, love yourself.

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Olympia Colandrea is the owner of Da Noi on Fifth.

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