Weiner: I messaged up to 3 women after resigning

July 25, 2013 Associated Press
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Anthony Weiner says he traded racy messages with as many as three women after resigning from Congress because of sexting.

The married Democrat also said Thursday he’s still “working with people” to get help dealing with his penchant for X-rated flirting online. But he disputes any suggestion that it’s an addiction.

Weiner now says he had bawdy exchanges with six to 10 women while in office.

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He’s continuing his New York City mayoral campaign amid the latest round of disclosures about his behavior.

It got seamier Thursday, when the gossip site The Dirty posted a lewd photo of himself Weiner sent to a woman last year.

Weiner acknowledged earlier this week that his indiscretions continued after his resignation. He insists they have now stopped.

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