Brooklyn Bike Patrol to return August 2

July 24, 2013 Heather Chin
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The Brooklyn Bike Patrol (BBP) is coming back.

A month and a half after suspending services due to founder Jay Ruiz suffering a heart attack, the BBP will return to their mission of making Brooklyn streets safer for young women.

“We want to come back on Friday, August 2. I wanted to come back earlier, but my family would’ve killed me,” said Ruiz, whose two surprise heart attacks in early June forced him to suspend the volunteer group’s services temporarily. “We’ve got a couple more volunteers–eight now–and are still looking for more. I’ve been hearing so many crazy stories of women being fondled and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Fans of the on-call bike escort service, founded in summer/fall 2011 following a series of sexual assaults against women in Brooklyn, will be thrilled at the news, but concerned. Is Ruiz’s health up to the task of hitting the bike regularly again?

“I’m doing wonderful. It’s 14 days after my operation so I’m in great spirits, well-rested and ready to go,” explained Ruiz. “I was taking in too much sugar, not enough water, 4 cups of coffee, and Gatorade, so my heart was racing. I’m good now and am off coffee. I’m so ready to come back August 2!”

“We’re very happy to come back and will be back stronger than ever,” he added.

Women in need of BBP’s services can call 718-744-7592. Their hours are Sunday-Thursday from 8 p.m. to midnight, and Friday-Saturday 8 p.m. to 4 a.m..

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