Muffin’s Pet Connection: Week of July 19

July 19, 2013 Editorial Staff
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DOG DAYS IN JULY:  Leroy, a 70-pound, seven-year-old Labrador mix, is a great dog. He was rescued several years ago and was adopted from BARC, Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, a non-kill shelter. He lived with a family for two years.

Sadly, some of his needs were sorely neglected, and he ended up being returned to BARC overweight. He misses having a family and a home.

Leroy is good with other dogs and children. He loves being outside. He is a great walker and likes water as well. He has been on a diet since he was returned and is looking fantastic, having lost nearly 20 lbs.

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His diet will need to be monitored closely, because he loves food. He needs to be strictly kept away from human foods so that he does not try to steal your dinner. BARC feels that he would make a wonderful companion. For more information, contact [email protected]


MORE POOCHES AT BARC SHELTER: Herbert, male Chow Chow, senior, approximately over seven years old. He was tied outside BARC shelter at 5 a.m.

Herbert is a loving dog who gets protective of his bed, blanket and toys. He does not like his paws touched when he is on a walk. This old senior just needs a home that will let him be the old dog he is.

Bob, male Fox Hound/Beagle mix, three years old, 35 pounds. He was found with a rope collar and leash, then brought to the 23rd Street precinct. Bob is very energetic, loves to play and loves to howl.

He was surrendered back to BARC because he became aggressive with the owner. On the upside, he was good with children and other pets. He developed separation anxiety, which is being worked on now.

Louise, female, five years old, 46 pounds, Labrador/Wire Haired Terrier mix. She was brought to ACC, and rescued from the kill list. Louise is friendly, energetic and sweet. Right now she is a little hand-shy but will come out of her shell when you give her love.

Won’t you please open your heart and home to one of these fine rescued pooches? They need a friend, they need YOU! Thank you and God Bless!


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