Three arrested in connection with Ridgeite murder

July 18, 2013 Denise Romano
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Three Sunset Park residents have been arrested in connection with the robbery and murder of a Bay Ridge resident that took place on Wednesday, July 18 at 12:15 a.m.

Police responded to a call of a male on the ground in the rear of a building on Fourth Avenue near 47th Street. When they arrived, they found 50-year-old Robert Reichl unresponsive and unconscious. EMS pronounced him dead at the scene.

Reichl lived a few doors down from local community activist and attorney Robert Howe, who told this paper that his neighbor had lived with his mom.

“He was a nice neighbor. He kept to himself,” Howe said, adding that the Reichls helped his family when the Howe home burned down last summer.

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“They were a lovely family, really nothing out of the ordinary,” Howe added.

Later Wednesday, three individuals were arrested and charged in connection with the incident. Ruben Santiago, 23, was charged with murder in the second degree, depraved indifference; robbery in the first degree, with intent to cause serious injury and robbery in the second degree, aided by another. Glennys Reyes, 23, and Randy Ortiz, 23, were charged with fourth degree grand larceny.

The criminal investigation is still ongoing. The medical examiner has yet to determine Reichl’s cause of death.

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