City Health Department and OEM issue a heat advisory

July 18, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Still no break in the hot weather streak, the Health Department takes precautions, warning New Yorkers about the potential dangers of the heat and asking them assist those around them who may be at risk for heatstroke and dehydration. High temperatures are expected to continue through Saturday and the risk for illness increases each day.

“It’s extremely important for elderly people and those with chronic medical conditions to stay cool,” stated Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. “We’re asking New Yorkers to help us check on those at risk, you just may be saving a life.”

The department has been asking NYC residents to help those who are exhibiting signs of  heat-related illnesses by either bring them to a cool place or getting medical attention.

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Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno explained that the heat index on Friday can potentially reach 105 degrees, “these temperatures, in any duration, can be deadly.”

Possible symptoms include hot, dry skin or cold, clammy skin; confusion or disorientation; nausea and vomiting; trouble breathing; rapid heartbeat; weakness and dizziness.

“New York City has not endured a heat wave this long since 2006, which was a deadly heat wave that lasted 10 days,” said Farley, NYC is currently on its fifth day.

Data collected from Monday through Wednesday shows that heat-related emergencies have almost doubled for this time of the year. City cooling centers will remain open through Sunday and some centers will operate with extended hours. Locations include Department for the Aging (DFTA) senior centers, libraries, and community centers. To find the center closest to you, call 311 or visit

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