Etiquette Boss: Outstanding introductions

July 17, 2013 Phillipa Morrish
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YOUR BEST INVESTMENT: Etiquette for Children

Posture and Introductions

It is not too early to teach your teenage children the proper protocol when making introductions. Though young ladies are no longer considered the ‘weaker’ sex, certain protocols remain unchanged. Test your introductions IQ. Do not peek at answers.

1. Your son, John, and his date, Karen, are having dinner at Chadwick’s Restaurant. John sees his friend Charlie and his girlfriend, Mandy, enter the restaurant. He knows that Charlie would definitely stop at his table to exchange pleasantries, as John had never met Mandy and Charlie had never met Karen. Who stands and who remains seated during this introduction session?

2. Your daughter Charys and her boss, Jim, are having a business lunch at Hunter’s Restaurant. Jim’s friend David enters the restaurant, and stops to chat on the way to his table. Who stands and who remains seated during the introduction?


1. If you answered, “John would have to stand,” your answer is correct, because in social situations, a gentleman always stands to greet a lady. Karen can choose to sit or stand when being introduced to Charlie and Mandy; however, if they linger during the introductions, she has to stand, as it is improper to converse on two different levels.

2. If your response was “Charys can remain seated,” your answer is incorrect. During a business introduction, all parties stand, as business is considered ‘gender neutral.’ Precedence in introductions is given to whoever holds the higher rank, regardless of gender.

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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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