Toys R Us reopens after Sandy

July 3, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Children and parents were equally hyped about the reopening of ToysRUs at Ceasar’s Bay the morning of June 28, after months of closure in the wake of the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

It was a mob scene inside the newly renovated store where parents and grandparents filled one or more carts with beach essentials, birthday supplies, superhero figures, bikes, dolls, stuffed animals, and anything else they’ve been holding off from buying there since October.

“Today is a special day,” said Elvira Miglino, who was browsing the aisles with her six-year-old son, Michael, adding that he woke up thrilled on Friday morning, asking if it was time to finally visit ToysRUs.

Miglino recalled that she and her son would drive by the shut-down store as Michael asked “Why is the store closed?” and for months Miglino would have to explain to her young child that, “The store was broken.”

That was finally in the past, as kids were running all around asking their parents if they could get the latest hot new releases, and blue and purple balloons with silver lettering were given out to each shopper that walked in—creating the perfect welcoming atmosphere for the come-back of the neighborhood’s beloved toy store.

“I’m very excited,” said Lara Russo, adding that the store now looks “bigger and better.

“I used to come here every day before Sandy,” Russo, who has a three-year-old and a six-year-old, added. Since Sandy, she had been visiting the ToysRUs location at the Staten Island mall, saying that it was out of way and not worth paying $30 for gas and tolls simply to get $10 toys.

“It was totally worth the wait,” Russo added.

Shrek soundtracks had children dancing with joy as they got lost in a world made for them.

“I was looking forward to it,” said Rosa Milano, who was getting her grandchildren clothes and toys. “I couldn’t find anything before and now it’s so beautiful.

“It’s the only one in the area,” she went on. “I’m so glad it’s back.”

Hands filled with toys and kiddies running after their parents  — who were more excited than they were — made the Friday an extra special one.

Activities such as storytelling, arts and crafts, and giveaways were scheduled for the entire weekend.

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