Raising a flag for a WWII veteran

June 17, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Joseph Catanzaro, 93, could not hold back his tears as he saw a 30-foot flag go up across the street from his house—on Flag Day—in honor of his brother, Anthony, who never came back from World War II.

Located at the intersection of Avenue Y, Bay 50th Street and West 16th Street, the “First Class Anthony Catanzaro Square” will pay tribute to the brave soldier, with an official American flag waving in the air–replacing a seven foot flag that stood in place.

“He was never forgotten,” said Catanzaro. “This is something so important to the neighborhood.”

The Catanzaro brothers, both veterans, served the nation proudly, but only one of them survived the battlefield. The family has been paying their respect for decades.

Joseph would’ve been 98 years-old, but he lost his life at the young age of 26. His family has been visiting the sight religiously, passing on the sweet memories of Anthony to future generations.

“I heard so many heroic stories of my uncle,” said Joanne, Joseph’s daughter, who added, “The only regret I have is never getting to meet him.”

Attended by the Marine Corps Color Guard, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, the ceremony was organized by Patrick Jabbour, a member of the Marine Corp for ten years.

“[This is] to remind everyone of the supreme sacrifices of our armed forces, then and now. Its close proximity to P.S 212 will remind future generations to think, thank, and pray for all those unsung heroes who kept America free,” Jabbour said.

“They’re a wonderful family,” said Robin Kane, who works for the 68th Precinct, and has known the family since she was a little girl.

Assemblymember William Colton and community members were also present to welcome the new flag pole in memory of Anthony Catanzaro.

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