Burglary collar secures Cops of the Month honors for four officers

May 28, 2013 Helen Klein
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When they nabbed a pair of career burglars with stolen property in their possession on the evening of April 17, four 68th Precinct police officers copped themselves an honor – the precinct’s Cops of the Month title for May.

Police Officers Colleen Canavan, Robert Maynard, Frank Cinolauro and Louis La Torre not only captured the suspects, but also tracked down items that he had stolen and already pawned, said Captain Richard DiBlasio, the commanding officer of the 68th Precinct during the May meeting of the precinct’s community council in the station house.

DiBlasio recounted that Maynard and Canavan had spotted the two perps around Fifth Avenue and 80th Street. “They were both riding on bikes. When the officers went to approach them, one of them jumped off his bike and fled,” DiBlasio recalled.

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Maynard and Canavan apprehended the suspect who had not taken off – and who, said DiBlasio, “had personal items on him that apparently didn’t belong to him” — and radioed a description of the fleeing suspect to other officers, who succeeded in catching the second perp at around 85th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway.

The perps were brought back to the precinct, where they were extensively questioned. La Torre, DiBlasio went on, “Googled the name on a credit card” found in one of the suspect’s possession, and found that the owner’s home had been “completely ransacked.” At this point, they contacted the owner, who identified the property as belonging to him.

However, DiBlasio continued, “A decent amount of property was still missing. Police Officer Cinolauro started checking pawn shows and he was able to find more jewelry that had already been pawned,” and that he was able to get back for the owner, as well as to use as evidence against the two suspects.

“Burglary is one of the most difficult crimes to solve,” DiBlasio stressed. “It’s a matter of luck and good investigative work putting everything together. Thanks to the good observation of these officers and everything coming together, in cooperation with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, these individuals are paying the price.”

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