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25-Year Brooklyn veteran to publish NYC-centric collection

May 2, 2013 From Sock Monkey Press
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Sock Monkey Press, the Brooklyn-based publisher of literary and visual works, has announced the publication of “Home Front,” the new collection of New York City-centric short fiction by homegrown storyteller Martin Kleinman.

“Home Front” explores the varied lives of New Yorkers, from young up-and-comers just in from flyover America, to born-and-raised-here-in-NYC WWII veterans.

According to Scott Adkins, Publisher of Sock Monkey Press, “Each story in “Home Front” represents a different look at the New York mosaic, present and past.  Kleinman’s writing is bold, visceral and resonates with recently-arrived New Yorkers as well as long-time residents,” he said.

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Adkins noted the multi-generational appeal of the book’s well-observed characters and their spot-on dialogue.  “Each piece in the collection is steeped in the folklore of 21st and 20th century street life,” he said.  “Kleinman communicates just how dynamic, difficult and dangerous New York City was – and still can be.  In his hands, The City becomes a key character in each story.”

Gen Y audiences – in addition to Boomers and Gen-X’ers – have responded enthusiastically to Kleinman’s recent readings, Adkins said.  “Millennials – a generation that accounts for approximately 30 percent of the U.S. population, are hungry for detail about the New York that pre-dates their arrival here,” he said.  “When I first heard one of Kleinman’s portrayals of New York street life, I wanted to hear more. I am thrilled to be publishing an entire collection of his stories.”

Given the eye-popping pace of change in New York City, physically and demographically, the fiction of “Home Front” is a valuable reminder that there is but one constant regarding New York City: it always was, and always will be, a work-in-progress.

Kleinman, a New York-based storyteller (, has captivated audiences with his tales of Real New Yorkers with his engaging storytelling style in venues from KGB to Brooklyn’s Union Hall, bringing his tales to life in true ‘round-the-campfire tradition.  Born and raised in New York, Kleinman has lived and worked throughout New York City.  He currently resides in the northwest Bronx, overlooking the full length and breadth of the world’s greatest, most seductive – and always-changing – metropolis.

Sock Monkey Press, founded in 1996, publishes literary and visual works in printed and e-book formats.  “Home Front” will be released on May 23, and readers may pre-order a copy at and at leading online retailers. The book will be available at Brooklyn’s independent booksellers in late May. 

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