Memories made at Adelphi’s 150th anniversary gala

May 1, 2013 Editorial Staff
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With Adelphian pride, the oldest private independent school in the borough celebrated its 150th anniversary gala—with nearly 400 people present to raise their glasses and toast to many more years to come.

Not every school has the good fortune of reaching a century and a half, but Adelphi Academy made it and it was time to party.

“It was fantastic; I can’t walk from all the dancing,” said Chip Cafiero, director of community and external relations at the school. Full of pride, he spoke of how successful the gala had been, with community people and people from outside the neighborhood attending.

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Cafiero noted that people who attended the April 25 gala raved about the food, which was “all top shelf.”

“We also had Adam Raves from the Rangers, who did a presentation,” he added.

Adelphi’s President and Head of the School, Dr. Roy Blash, spoke of the rich history of the school, delighting everyone with his remarks. Blash was one of the distinguished award recipients, along with Rino Aprea, Robert A. Scott, Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny, Anne Caruso, Iphigenia Romanos, Charles Otey, Albert C. Corhan, Joseph Mure, the Reverend Fr. Jeffery Lee Hamblin, the Charles and Marjorie Holloway Foundation, the Iglesias Family, and George P. Smith.

Gargiulo’s Restaurant in Coney Island was the site of the black-tie gathering that started with cocktails and a silent auction at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:30 p.m.

Guests danced, ate and saw themselves having a great time on the large screens as the night unraveled. Photographs of the guests were taken posing on the red carpet.

“I’m glad it’s over,” joked Cafiero. “It was a lot of work.”

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