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Brooklyn indie rock group The Rotaries debuts new album

April 25, 2013 From The Outlet Music
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Music that sticks is hard to find these days. But New York-based trio, The Rotaries, have emerged as a band that creates ageless music that will stick around like superglue. Upbeat, danceable, and infectious, The Rotaries debut record Before Leaving sustains the indie-rock sound for a new generation. The band will be appearing tomorrow night, April 26, at The Rock Shop in Park Slope.

The Rotaries are James Rapp (guitar/vocals), Bernard Casserly (bass), and Danny Nosonowitz (drums). Hailing from Westchester, NY, Rapp and Nosonowitz became friends and began playing music together at college in Boston, MA in 2010. After recording a four-song, self-titled EP, they moved back to New York City and recorded their debut full length Before Leaving in the fall of 2011. That is when bassist Bernard entered the picture. The three began playing heavily on the East Coast and released Before Leaving in August of 2012.

Before Leaving is a quintessential indie pop-rock record. Influenced by contemporaries such as The Walkmen, The Strokes and Dawes, as well as the classic sounds of the and 60’s and 70’s like The Velvet Underground and The Beatles, The Rotaries have evolved their own, strong, clear and memorable pop music. With freewheeling vocals, catchy hooks, and ringing guitars, overlain with fuzz effects, the record radiates a youthful but refined energy. Standout title track, “Before Leaving,” features Rapp’s crisp guitar chords and bittersweet vocal inflection backed by a perky rhythm section. The Rotaries don’t sacrifice their individuality for trends and have a knack for crafting bright melodies.

Tomorrow night’s performance will begin at 8 p.m.  The Rock Shop is located at 249 4th Ave in Park Slope.

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