Bay Ridge bomb scare suspect arrested

April 18, 2013 Editorial Staff
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According to State Senator Marty Golden and Councilmember Vincent Gentile, the suspect wanted in connection with the Bay Ridge bomb scare during the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 17 has been arrested.

According to police, the suspect is ajuvenile, male Hispanic, age 14 and has been charged with Placing a False Bomb/Hazardous Substance 2nd degree.

I commend the 68th Precinct, Commanding Officer Captain DiBlasio, and all the NYPD Detectives assigned to this case, for their work, in making sure that this individual is no longer roaming our streets, causing havoc and wasting police resources, Golden said.

If this individual was playing a joke, it was a very bad, inappropriate and insensitive one, he went on. In this climate, we nothing that threatens the lives of our fellow neighbors, New Yorkers and Americans, can be thought of as funny. We must remain vigilant and be sure that if we see something, we say something.

Gentile agreed. I commend the 68th Precinct and their detective squad who worked around the clock and delivered a swift arrest in this case, he said. What may have been a sick joke to this individual was no joking matter at all to law enforcement. I thank everyone that came forward with tips that helped bring this individual to justice.”

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