Bay Ridge resident arrested for subway robbery

April 10, 2013 Denise Romano
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The individual arrested in connection with an assault depicted in a Police Department-issued video that went viral last week is a native Ridgeite, this paper has learned.

Aidan Folan, who just turned 21 last month, was arrested on April 3 for reportedly robbing a woman inside the 18th Avenue F train station. A surveillance video shows someone wearing a fraternity sweatshirt with the nickname “Stugotz,” which sources say is Folan’s frat name, violently robbing a woman. He was released on $50,000 bail on April 4.

Folan was present for his appearance in New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 9 with his parents, lawyer and two male relatives, wearing a black suit and a purple tie.

Judge Alexander Jeong adjourned the case until October 25.

Folan was reserved and respectful of court rules, addressing the judge as, “Sir, yes, sir.”

A representative from the Kings County District Attorney’s office told this paper that cases such as this are normally brought before a grand jury for an indictment. He said that October 25 is the next court appointed date, but Folan may have to appear before a grand jury before then. Folan’s lawyer, Spencer Leeds, refused to speak with this paper on Folan’s behalf and said the family was unavailable for comment.

Folan’s former classmates at Xaverian High School find it hard to believe that he would commit such a heinous act.

According to one source, Folan was active in the Xaverian student body, starring in two school plays and singing in the chorus. He graduated in 2011.

“He had a really sweet nature,” said the former classmate. “He was always kind to everyone, especially me, and always went out of his way to cheer me up if I was having a bad day.”

Another person who was close to Folan agreed. “I love that kid. I only knew him in a positive, giving and caring light,” said the source, adding that he took time out to guide her son when he was choosing a high school.

“He explained why Xaverian was such a good school. He even came to a couple of his baseball games to watch him play,” the source said.

But sources said that Folan started having problems in school and was having trouble with classwork once he began at St. Francis, dropping out of college – though, according to his Facebook page, with the intention of returning – during the first semester.

“He joined a frat during that semester and his nickname was Stugotz — he wore that hoodie every moment of his life; he was very proud of being in that fraternity,” said his former classmate. “In fact, last I saw him, last year around this time, he told me that he was considering joining the Army, because he considered training for the Army to be like ‘extreme pledging.’”

Sources also say the situation is even more surprising because “he wasn’t like that” even when he was being bullied.

“There were several instances in which a person…would berate him and insult him in front of everyone, and he was always respectful. He never spoke back to a teacher, never raised his voice to anyone, at least that I saw, and from what I understand, he never bullied or beat anyone up in school,” said the classmate. “That is just another reason why I’m so surprised he’d ever hurt anyone.

“From what I’ve heard in the last day or two,” the source added, “he claims it wasn’t him [in the video].”

Folan’s colleague agreed. “I can’t believe it was him,” she said. “He would never do something like that.”

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