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Two precincts team up to nab suspects who robbed women

April 4, 2013 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Teamwork between two neighboring police precincts led to the arrests of three men in connection with a rash of robberies in southern Brooklyn in recent weeks, authorities said.

The detective squads in the 66th and 68th precincts worked together to catch the three men, who were responsible for robbing women in both precincts as the victims walked down streets alone during the late night hours, authorities said. The suspects would grab the women from behind and forcibly remove their money and jewelry, authorities said.

The arrests, which took place on March 29, were announced by Capt. Richard DiBlasio, commanding officer of the 68th Precinct.

The majority of the incidents in the 68th Precinct took place on the northeast side of the precinct, where the 68th Precinct borders the 66th Precinct, DeBlasio said. The three suspects were charged with several counts of robbery. 

The 68th Precinct covers Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and parts of Sunset Park. The 66th Precinct covers Borough Park and sections of Sunset Park.

As a result of the investigation, detectives discovered that one of the suspects was also responsible for stealing two cars on two separate occasions in Bay Ridge, authorities said.

In both cases, the owners had left their cars running unattended, with the keys in the ignition.

Ilene Sacco, president of the 68th Precinct Community Council, praised police for their work in arresting the robbery suspects. “These arrests are a result of a plan implemented by both the 66th and 68th precincts and good investigative work by both precincts’ detective  squads,” she wrote in an email she sent to hundreds of people on the council’s mailing list. 

In the wake of the robberies spree, DeBlasio issued a list of crime prevention tips he said would help residents reduce the chances of being a crime victim.

The tips include:

   •   Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Criminals often target people who are distracted.


   • When walking alone remain alert at all times and avoid using a cell phone or electronic device.   Try not to use headphones as they can prevent a person from hearing someone approach them, putting the victim at a disadvantage.


   •   Whether driving, walking or taking public transportation, plan the trip in advance. Know how to get to the destination by the most direct and safest route.


   •   Travel on populated, well lit streets. If possible, travel with a friend.


   •   Women should carry a purse close to the body. Place one end of the purse in the palm of the hand and the other in the bend of the elbow. Never wrap the strap around the body.


   • Carry a wallet in the breast pocket or in the side pants pocket. The rear pants pocket is the easiest place a pickpocket can find it.


   •   Avoid leaving valuables in a car. Whenever possible, place items out of sight, in the trunk of the vehicle. Never leave packages in the passenger compartment unattended.


   •   Never leave a vehicle running with the keys in the ignition.

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