New funding for P.S. 503

February 27, 2013 Editorial Staff
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The school of discovery, P.S. 503, in Sunset Park discovered that local politicians such as Councilmember Sara Gonzalez deeply care about the welfare of the children.

“It’s my responsibility to ensure that our children get everything they need and more,” Gonzalez said to a group of parents and children who gathered on Wednesday, February 13, to thank her for the latest $50,000 she allocated toward the school’s arts and dance programs.

Members of the school’s PTA, including President Bob HuDock, organized a special ceremony that began at 6:30 p.m. on a school night. To the surprise of Gonzalez, a plaque was handed to her, and there was a performance by a four-member mariachi band that made the councilmember tear up on stage with the two songs they sang in her honor. She proudly wore a sombrero and sang “El Cielito Lindo,” in unison with the predominantly Spanish-speaking crowd.

“Our students need and deserve these enrichment programs to help them succeed,” HuDock stressed, explaining that the funding will provide an opportunity for students to take dance lessons and “dance in real dance studios,” amongst other beneficial changes.

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Approximately $25,000, according to dance instructor Julia Garland, will turn the concrete floor on which the students currently dance into wooden-cushioned flooring that will be far more comfortable to perform and practice on.

“I’ve been working in the public school system for 18 years and I never had an appropriately equipped studio,” Garland said, “I actually teared when I found out.”

P.S. 503, with the help of the involved parents, raised $11,000 in three years to pay for room-sized mirrors now installed throughout the studio so that children can look at themselves while rehearsing.

P.S. 503 is of great interest to Gonzalez, as “many years ago,” she said, she graduated from the school that used to occupy the building, P.S. 140 at the time.

“It touched my life,” she said of the school.

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