The timeless lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2013 Editorial Staff
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It’s not every day that you’re fortunate enough to meet the absolute example of “Till death do us part.”

Year after year, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz brings together under one roof hundreds of married couples who, after decades, still celebrate wedded bliss.

For the 11th year, whether they had plans or not, these long-time married couples, who by the way have to have been married for 50 years or more in order to attend, put everything aside on February 14 to enjoy a champagne toast and hear other couples’ lovely stories.

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This is a celebration of love, and we were truly blessed to have some 400 couples join us this year, ranging in years married from 50 to 72!” noted Markowitz. “Every year, we hold the sweethearts event to re-affirm our love for that special someone, and to show young people the importance of commitment and communication. Just remember—a happy wife means a happy life, so for husbands the key to a successful marriage is just two words: ‘Yes, dear.’”

Amongst the attendees this year were Kings District Attorney Charles Hynes and his wife, Patricia, who in October will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

At least two dozen of the pairs have been married between 65 and 69 years. Hats off to them!

This includes Esther and Murray Redliz who are both Holocaust survivors. February 18 marked their 66th wedding anniversary.

“I was absolutely beautiful—just like every year,” said Esther about the feast. The couple, who lives in Mill Basin, met after World War II in Germany before they moved to Brooklyn.

The longest-married couple of all, the Corsos, who’ve been together for 72 years, were back this year after an injury prevented them from attending last year.

“My parents are blessed,” said Maddalena and Fortunato’s daughter Madeline. “It’s something that they’ve had, [something that] they’ve grown with. They do everything together. You don’t hear stuff like that anymore.”

Markowitz also celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day. He found the love of his life, Jamie, right here in Brooklyn when he met her the summer of 1999 on the beach at Kingsborough College. They were married at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that same year in November.

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