Brooklyn Bookbeat: Fiction and autobiography meet in ‘Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles’

February 8, 2013 By Samantha Samel Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Acclaimed author Ron Currie, Jr. will be appearing at WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint on Tuesday, Feb. 12, to celebrate the release of his new novel, “Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles.” Already receiving widespread praise, this is a poignant work of autobiographical fiction that intricately explores the boundaries between fantasy and reality.  

Currie’s prose is deeply engaging as it maintains a confessional tone and reminds readers that they are listening to someone’s story. It flows well, too; the text is presented in short snippets, sometimes just a paragraph long, that magnify the story-telling quality.

Perhaps the writing is especially compelling because of its obvious autobiographical content. Like the author, Currie’s protagonist – also named Ron Currie – is a writer who is coping with the loss of his father and is earnestly in love with a woman who seems out of reach.

In an effort to escape his despair, the fictional Currie travels to a tropical island; however, his plan for finding happiness backfires. Rather than assuaging his sadness, his surroundings provoke his self-destruction – first with his alcohol consumption, and eventually with his attempted suicide. While he fails to kill himself, the character manages to fake his own death; still, he leaves behind a significant trace of himself – a new manuscript about the love of his life.

When Currie’s manuscript is discovered, his recent “death” contributes to the popularity of his posthumous work.  However, when he suddenly resurfaces, he loses the halo of martyrdom. In a dark yet comical journey, the protagonist struggles to face reality as he realizes the extent to which the world seeks “the truth.” 

Ron Currie, Jr. is the award-winning author of “God is Dead,” and “Everything Matters!” He lives in Waterville, Maine.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. WORD is located at 126 Franklin St. in Greenpoint. 

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