Hinsch’s to stay open until buyer can be found

January 31, 2013 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Hinsch’s is proving to have more lives than a cat! 

The owners of Hinsch’s, who had been planning to close the famous Bay Ridge ice cream parlor on March 1, have decided to keep the place open until a buyer can be found, according to various media reports.

Roger Desmond, a co-owner of Hinsch’s, stated in interviews that a national hamburger chain that was set to take over the lease for the space backed out of the deal. In the wake of the collapse of the deal, Desmond and his partners have decided to try to make a go of it and keep the eatery open past March 1.

The ice cream parlor, located at 8518 Fifth Ave., is still up for sale, according to reports.

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Desmond stated that he will try revamping the menu and keeping Hinsch’s open two hours later than the current 9 p.m. closing time to attract new customers. Under the new plan, customers will be able to bring their own booze and eat in candlelight while jazz music plays on the sound system.

Hinsch’s, which has been selling egg creams, waffles, and homemade ice cream from its location at 8518 Fifth Ave. since 1948, was set to close for good on March 1.

Desmond and his partners rescued Hinsch’s from the dead in 2011. The ice cream parlor had originally closed back in September of 2011 when then-owner John Logue decided to retire. But Hinsch’s was rescued and brought back to life by a Desmond, Gerard Bell, and Bill Gardell, who own Skinflints a popular restaurant-bar at 7901 Fifth Ave.

The new owners renovated Hinsch’s and changed the décor to include murals depicting Bay Ridge in the 1940s. The menu was updated to include items such as bleu cheese burger deluxe, croissants, and tortilla wraps. Old favorites, like a coke float, the homemade ice cream flavors like butter pecan, homemade chocolate candy, and the waffles with homemade whipped cream, remained on the menu. Hamburgers and sandwiches were still served with Hinsch’s famous circular cut pickles on the side. 

The newly revived Hinsch’s reopened in November of 2011, two months after it had closed. 

Hinsch’s, the famous ice cream parlor-restaurant on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, was set to close for good on March 1, but will remain open until the owners can find a buyer. Eagle photo by Paula Katinas

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