68th Precinct’s domestic violence sergeant honored

January 23, 2013 Helen Klein
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Praised for being “extremely pro-active in trying to reduce the amount of domestic violence incidents, Sergeant Tania Kinsella was honored earlier this month by the 68th Precinct Community Council as its Cop of the Month.

“It takes a sensitive person to be the leader and supervisor in the domestic violence unit,” noted Captain Richard DiBlasio, the commanding officer of the precinct, praising Kinsella for her “hard, dedicated work and countless hours.”

Overall, DiBlasio said, there are approximately 250,000 domestic violence incidents in New York City each year. The NYPD’s “goal,” he stressed “is to reduce the amount of domestic violence occurrences.”

To that end, DiBlasio said, Kinsella and her team of two police officers had made over 300 home visits and more than 30 arrests last year.

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