Excitement in PYO action

January 3, 2013 Robert Cavaliere
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It was Giants 28, Falcons 12 as Domenick Raphael set the tempo of this confrontation right from the get go. He took the opening kickoff from the Giants on the 35 yard line touchdown charge. Angel Rivera added two by kicking for the extra points, making it eight-zip Giants. Andrew Diaz of the Giants was “Johnny on the spot,” recovering a Falcon fumble, setting up Yusef Farraj for a touchdown.

The Falcons woke up and hit the boards faster than Grant took Richmond with an Alexander Freda 12-yard charge to pay dirt. The final score of the half belonged to Raphael, giving the Giants a 20 to 6 advantage.

A Falcon fumble was capitalized on by Angel Rivera who set up Anthony “Can Do” Zullo for a seven-yard TD run. Rivera added two points to the Giants tally, giving them an impressive 28-6 lead. The final score of the game was 28 to 12 after Alexander Freda of the Falcons battled his way 30 yards for a TD.

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The two top players of the game were Michaelangelo Melfi of the Falcons and Rivera of the Giants. Other outstanding players were Thomas Yeno, Anthony Barreira, Trystin Tusa, Angelo Fiumefreddo and Farraj.

The PYO Eagles ran away with their contest with the PYO Cardinals beginning with Christopher Neary’s TD run in the first quarter. Andry Sanchez went 12 yards to add six points to the Eagle score. Before the end of the first half, Neary would hit Jayden Mejia with a 35-yard spiral and Michael Correa would score the extra point, giving the Eagles a nifty 19-zip lead.

The Cardinals showed signs of coming alive in the opening play of the second half when Xavier Caballero broke away from the pack and ran 27 yards to golden soil. That flicker of light didn’t last long when Sanchez recovered a Cardinal fumble and on the next play took it on a TD run.

The Cards flashed another spark of life with Christopher “Shot Gun” Campbell’s 30-yard trek to pay dirt. Unfortunately, it was all over but the shouting when the Eagles’ Correa ran 21 yards to set Edward DeLuise for a touchdown. The score ended at 31 – 12, Eagles.

The sun shone on jersey #32 for both teams in today’s battle. Campbell of the Cards and Sanchez of the Eagles had outstanding games and showed much improvement. Other players that gave it 110 percent were Correa, Nicholas “Bull Dog” Ng, Matthew “Sundance” Rossetti, Caballero and John Foundoulakis.

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