Brooklyn Bookbeat: 19th century Eagle gives author rich background on Slope’s Sportsmen’s Row

December 24, 2012 By Samantha Samel Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Lucas G. Rubin, director of the Sports Management program at Columbia University, has lived on Sportsmen’s Row in Park Slope since 2003.  Historically, this north end of Eighth Avenue has been home to distinguished athletes, actors and politicians, and unsurprisingly has earned significant media attention.

Now, however, Rubin has looked beyond what the public eye knows of Sportsmen Row: this past fall, he published a well-researched book revealing the lesser known narratives of the celebrity-ridden block. In “Brooklyn’s Sportsmen’s Row: Politics, Society & the Sporting Life on Northern Eighth Avenue,”  Rubin traces the block’s 19th century origins, even citing several Brooklyn Daily Eagle articles and headlines, one of which, from June 21, 1892, reads, “The Row Raised: Eight Avenue Property Valuation Increased: On Eighth and Ninth Avenue, the aristocratic park slope, the work of increase is seen. Take Sportsmen’s Row, on Eighth Avenue, for example, and see what the assessing committee there has done.” 

Rubin goes on to guide his readers through the development of Sportsmen’s Row in the 20th century, including photographs of residents in their homes, and detailing the significance of the Montauk and the Brooklyn Riding and Diving Club. If you’d like to know more about this intricate history of the block, Rubin’s book s a fascinating read, animated with images that bring to life the scenes he describes.

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