Seddio house lights up the neighborhood

December 12, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Wow! The Seddio house still looked great on Sunday, December 9, despite of the rain. In 26 years, it was the first time that it ever rained for the famously acclaimed Annual Holiday Display of the Seddio family in Canarsie, located on the corner of Flatlands Avenue and East 93rd Street.

This year, the family – led by Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair Frank Seddio — featured the new addition of a four-foot parrot that sings and tells jokes, and Papa Smurf and Smurfette ice skating across the front lawn as well as eight other separate displays that illustrate different holiday celebrations.

Seddio’s half a million lights presentation is valued at over $300,000 and includes over 200 animated dolls, as well as a talking Christmas tree. There is a Santa’s workshop with eight shiny reindeers, elves making toys, and Santa himself. You want it, you can find it.

“We had rain, a light rain, all day, but a decent crowd [showed up],” Seddio said. Eight hundred people — instead of the usual 6,000 — were present for the illumination of the display and the accompanying performances which began at 5 p.m., explained Seddio, adding that he was “happy with it.”

The rain “didn’t dampen their spirit,” he added.

Seddio and his elves have decked the halls since 1986, a continuance of a tradition that started in 1963 by Frank Guarino, the home’s previous owner.

Opening night musical performances by local groups included the P.S. 115 chorus and the choir of Mary Queens of Heaven. Santa, a bevy of elves and a dozen costumed characters also illuminated the children’s and adults’ faces. Catchy Christmas carols were played on steel drums by the “Pan Fusion” Steel Band.

The display, topped off with a 10-foot high hot air balloon with lights, and a 12-foot Ferris wheel on the front lawn with a cast of Sesame Street characters will be on view through the end of the month.

This year, the lights display was dedicated to the memory of Francky Aleger, who died this past spring. Aleger was a New York Auxiliary Police Officer who lived and served his Canarsie community.

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