Bensonhurst deli takes bite out of Sen. Marty Golden

November 29, 2012 Paula Katinas The Daily Eagle
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That Marty Golden, he’s such a ham! Well, actually, he’s a chicken cutlet.

Golden, a state senator (R-Bay Ridge-southern Brooklyn), is joining the lofty ranks of celebrities who have had sandwiches named after them. Paul DiSpirito, owner of Lioni’s Heroes, a deli at 7801 15th Ave., has created “The Marty Golden,” a sandwich made with breaded chicken cutlets. DiSpirito recently presented it to the lawmaker to taste. Golden paid a visit to the Bensonhurst deli, took one bite, and voted in favor of putting it on the menu.

In addition to chicken cutlets, “The Marty Golden” is also made with Lioni’s fresh mozzarella, red roasted papers, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper.

DiSpirito told Golden he created the sandwich for him as a tribute to his commitment to the community, according to one person who was there for the unveiling of the sandwich. Golden, who is currently serving his fifth term in the state senate, won re-election to his post on Nov.6.

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Members of Golden’s senate staff recently ordered a number of “The Marty Golden” heroes to go and gave the sandwich their stamp of approval.

Deputy Chief of Staff John Quaglione said he thought it was delicious. “Senator Golden thanks Lioni’s Heroes for recognizing his record of service and hopes that the sandwich will be a top seller,” Quaglione said.

Golden can now boast that he is a real celebrity. After all, you aren’t famous in New York until people are taking a bite out of a sandwich named after you.

At the famous Stage Deli in Midtown, the sandwiches include the Al Roker (salami, tongue, and pastrami), the Conan O’Brien (brisket, corned beef, and swiss cheese), and the Dolly Parton (twin rolls of pastrami and corned beef).

The only other politician on the menu is former governor George Pataki. That sandwich is made with turkey, chopped liver, bacon, lettuce and tomato.

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