Breezy Point Homes Burn

November 1, 2012 Denise Romano
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Hurricane Sandy had no mercy on Breezy Point, with over 100 homes burned down to the ground late Monday.

The shorefront spot has a special place in the heart of Bay Ridge, with many residents owning summer homes and using Breezy as an escape from the city heat.

Photos courtesy of PJ Landers

One of the victims is Conservative Party Chairperson Mike Long. His house and his son’s house were destroyed by fire and houses owned by his other children suffered severe water damage.

“The most important thing is that no one was hurt,” Long said. “It’s tough to lose a house you had for 35 years. There are such fond memories of great vacations and weekends with family.”

Former chair of Community Board 10, Dean Rasinya, has a house on Irving Place that was fortunately spared, although “flames were bouncing” on surrounding homes.

“There is devastation all around us,” Rasinya said, adding that his house was about four blocks away from the oceanfront. “For us, it’s a summer getaway. For neighbors…there’s a big difference [when] it’s your home that you live in 365 days a year. What happened to us happened, other people are in much worse condition.”

Congressmember Bob Turner also lost his Breezy Point home.  I am grateful that my family and I are safe after this destructive storm,” he said.  “I hope you will join me in lending a hand to those who were less fortunate and keep everyone impacted by this storm in your thoughts and prayers.”

Bay Ridge resident Mary Reilly knows people with homes in Breezy Point but is having trouble getting in touch with them due to lack of cell phone service. Emergency services are also not allowing anyone in the area.

Photos courtesy of PJ Landers

It is estimated that once damaged is assessed, over 500 homes will be affected.

The Pour House is collecting food, clothes and other items for those who lost their homes. Items can be dropped off at the bar, located at Third Avenue and 79th Street.  This newspaper is also collecting nonperishable food and coats for the victims. They can be dropped off at the newspaper office, 8723 Third Avenue. For further information, call 718-238-6600.

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