Cops honored for key collar

October 26, 2012 Helen Klein
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Two 68th Precinct cops were in the spotlight at the October meeting of the 68th Precinct Community Council for nabbing a pair of suspects in the knock-down robbery of an elderly woman.

The quick thinking of Lieutenant Michael Fleming and Police Officer Gabriel Feliciano resulted in the arrest of a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy who allegedly attacked the 85-year-old victim from behind, pushing her to the ground and injuring her before grabbing her purse and fleeing, said Captain Richard DiBlasio, the precinct’s commanding officer.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of September 4, on 95th Street near Ridge Boulevard, said DiBlasio, and witnesses at the scene quickly called 911 and “gave a pretty good description” of the perpetrators.

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Feliciano was out on patrol when word of the incident came through; he soon “observed a male, 14 years old, who fit the description and stopped him” near Third Avenue and 96th Street, said DiBlasio. The victim, who was being treated by EMTs, was brought to where the suspect was being held, DiBlasio went on, and was able to make a positive identification.

In the meantime, Fleming and other officers from the precinct headed into the subway station and observed a female who fit the description on a train that was about to pull out of the station, DiBlasio said. They stopped the train, he went on, and held the suspect while the victim was brought to the station on a stretcher and again was able to make a positive identification. “A couple of seconds more, and she would have been gone,” DiBlasio stressed.

Officers “were also able to recover her property,” DiBlasio added, pointing out that the sequence of events had transpired “within a few block radius” of where the woman was assaulted.

Also honored at the October meeting were two 68th Precinct auxiliary officers, Auxiliary Sergeant David Eng and Auxiliary Police Officer Erion Vincani. The latter has been attached to the precinct just six months and has already volunteered in excess of 800 hours. Eng, over the course of about six years, has volunteered more than 1,600 hours.

“He’s always there. We don’t call him but he’s there, every time we need help,” said DiBlasio, noting, “The community is very fortunate to have auxiliary officers who volunteer their time.”

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