A new location for a school full of hopeful future leaders

October 23, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Having shared space for the past two years with P.S. 971, P.S 310 –The School for Future Leaders — finally enjoys a home of its own, at 942 62nd Street.

The elementary school held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in its auditorium on October 19 at 9:30 a.m., in which the principal, Yuging Hong, thanked her staff for their hard work and all of those many individuals who contributed in making her “dream come true.”

“This school is a dream come true to many of us,” she remarked.

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P.S. 310 is one of four new schools opened in District 20 in September, 2010. Established to help ease overcrowding across the district, it waited for its own building till this fall. Nonetheless, the dedication and passion put in to “turn [this] project from an idea from paper” to the final creation took effort and tireless work, said Hong. The lot where the school now is used to be a garage.

Elected officials such as Assemblymember Peter Abbate attended the celebration and spoke of how his grandmother, 107 years old at the time, told him that if he ever got elected, he needed to make sure to help two groups of people: senior citizens and youngsters.

“Everyone in the middle can take care of themselves,” he remembered her saying.

Councilmember Sara Gonzalez, also present to support the opening of the new school, said “a vision for a school begins in the community.” She also shared a special anecdote and encouraged the little ones to represent their city someday.

Most importantly, the guests and speakers spoke of the need to give children wings. The growing and vibrant neighborhood needs to expand kids’ minds and allow them to flourish, they said.

With hope and a triumphant mood in the room, lastly, children from the school performed the “Farmer’s Dance,” and “Where is Spring,” was danced for the audience.

Then, the ribbon was cut, and the school day proceeded.

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