THE BUZZ: The island of Brooklyn will feature “Treasure Island”

October 17, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Who’s ready for the musical version of the classic tale, “Treasure Island”?

Aimed at a young audience, the performance will be on two consecutive days: Friday, October 19 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, October 20at 3 p.m. at The Block Academy, 133 27th Avenue.

Tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for children and the show is expected to last one hour, so it’s kid-friendly.

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“It’s a really fantastic show,” said John Stillwaggon, actor and artistic director at Act-out Acting School. Each of the five actors in the production plays three different parts, so Stillwaggon explained that performing isn’t only a lot of fun but that it’s a “wild ride,” since they have to run and change quickly for other numbers.

With three Brooklyn-based actors in the cast — Kelly Petlin, Jeremy Zenor and Stillwaggon – as well as the stage manager, Sam Schell, who is also from Brooklyn, the play is expected to draw large enthused crowds.

Adapted from the classic novel Treasure Island

It focuses on buried treasure and buccaneers, and among its most memorable characters is the pirate cook, Long John Silver, as well as the young protagonist, Jim Hawkins, who sails along with Silver on the Hispaniola and who becomes the unlikely hero as the plot unfolds.

“It’s got meaningful parts,” for kids to learn from the good guys as well as from the mistakes of the bad characters, Stillwaggon stressed.

Magik Theater of San Antonio, the theater that is producing the tour, is one of the premiere children’s theaters in the nation.

Don’t miss this really fantastic show, and mark the dates on your calendars!

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