Good doggie! Brooklyn Heights Dog Show has tails wagging

September 24, 2012 By Mary Frost
Eagle photos by Mary Frost
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The final Montague Street Summer Space of the season this past Sunday offered opera, crafts, chess (courtesy of the Brooklyn Eagle) and more — but the highlight of the day was the third annual Brooklyn Heights Dog Show.

It may not have been the most official dog show in the world but it was the cutest. The Brooklyn Heights Association awarded prizes in the categories “Best Treat Catcher;” “Best Tail Wagger;” “Most Affectionate;” “Best Hairdo;” “Coolest Ears;” “Best Trick;” “Cutest Small Dog;” “Cutest Medium-Big Dog;” “Dog Who Most Likes The Judges;” and “Best In Show” (who won a treat for his or her master: dinner for two at Dellarocco’s).
The battle for the title of Most Affectionate was especially hard-fought, with dogs and masters hugging, licking and kissing like crazy before the panel of judges – all Brooklyn Heights dog-lovers who are momentarily sans canines.

Gerry Dempsey parades his three-month-old white Labrador retriever Grace in front of the reviewing stand at the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show. Grace took home the prize for “Most Affectionate.” Photo by Mary Frost

Amelia Hanno, 11 months, pets Grace as Amelia’s dad Eric Hanno and Grace’s owner Gerry Dempsey hold their charges. Photo by Mary Frost
Photo by Mary FrostBut in the end Gerry Dempsey’s three-month-old white Labrador retriever Grace took home the title after a particularly affectionate display. “Grace believes the world exists to love her,” Dempsey told the Brooklyn Eagle. “I hope she’s never taught otherwise.”

Pet shops Perfect Paws, Pet’s Emporium, and Rocco and Jezebel For Pets donated treat bags given to the first 50 dogs. Summer Space is a project of the Montague Street BID. The full list of winners will be published soon at

Photo by Mary Frost

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