B’klyn lawyer-actress to star in new film

September 21, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Seeks to improve the portrayal of Latinas

Brooklyn lawyer-turned-actress Lisann Valentin has been chosen to star in the new independent film “Made From Scratch,” a role she hopes will improve the portrayal of Latinos in the media.

The film centers on the lives of several women and how they struggle, in different ways, to escape what they consider to be the rut that their lives has fallen into.

Valentin plays the role of Victoria Alvarado, a successful executive who secretly struggles with her sexuality, especially after another woman tells her she’s in love with her.

With the scarcity of positive images of Latinos in the media, Lisann is proud to have landed the coveted role. “I’m honored to play a powerful Latina in a feature film, especially when such roles are few and far between,” says Alvorado.

“My goal is to bring truth to my characters and to be the best example possible of what women – specifically Latinas – are capable,” says Valentin. “The media portrays a limited view of Latinas, yet in real life we are lawyers, doctors, executives, and beyond. Although the tide is slowly turning, that reality is hardly depicted. To get to fulfill that goal is not only an honor — it’s a dream come true.”

In addition to being a lawyer and an actress, Valentin has written several short films and is the founder of the lifestyle blog www.herdeepthoughts.com, in which she gives her thoughts on beauty, exercise, etc.

“People will stand behind this film because it speaks universal truths about women, about family, about sexuality, and about forging our own paths in this life,” says the actress.

A fundraising campaign for the film is being conducted on the funding site indiegogo.com.

Filming for the Atlanta-based production production is set to begin in November.

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