Boerum Hill Tweens Hold “Eat For Obama” Bake Sale

September 17, 2012 Heather Chin
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The hand-drawn flyers were posted on lampposts along Smith Street, advertising a sidewalk bake sale. But this wasn’t a school project or an effort at earning pocket change. No, this was an impromptu fundraising effort called “Eat For Obama.”

Isabel, 13, Rebecca, 10, Kate, 13, and Lily, 12, teamed up for their Sunday afternoon event at the corner of Smith and Bergen Streets because “our country has a really bad economy, and since we can’t vote, this is our way of helping,” said Kate, a student at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School.

Their desire to play an active role in national politics and world relief efforts began a year-and-a-half ago when they were inspired by the plight of Sudanese refugees. That bake sale raised “a couple hundred dollars” for the Lost Boys of Sudan, and led to more bake sales for the Red Cross, UNICEF, Occupy Wall Street, and now the Barack Obama re-election campaign.

The girls behind the "Eat For Obama" bake sale hope to help President Obama pay for campaign ads.

The festive platters of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free lemon cupcakes with blue and pink frosting, mini-donuts, and apple muffins, were all made at the girls’ homes earlier that morning, and drew a mixed crowd of joggers, stroller-pushing families, and couples.

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“This is so awesome,” exclaimed one female customer as she jogged past their table. “I don’t even know if I can contain the level of awesomeness!”

The girls sold their goods on a scale of “pay what you want,” and were surprised that “most people give more money than we would have charged.”

They made over $300 on Sunday afternoon and said that they hope the funds raised will help the president pay for election ads.

The team of baking activists hope to hold another bake sale next weekend, on either Saturday or Sunday, September 22 or 23.

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