September Fun!

September 11, 2012 Editorial Staff
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The annual street fair on Fifth Avenue hosted by the Sunset Park Business Improvement District (BID) attracted 40,000 visitors this past Sunday, September 9, offering a day out full of activities and fun.

“We had a great variety this year,” said Jessica Giordano, administrator assistant at BID and the daughter of executive director, Renee Giordano. For the first time, Torres Photo Studio, 4220 Fifth Avenue, sponsored a mechanical bull which people got to ride at no cost.

“Businesses worked together to make it happen,” she added, about the event which has been taking place since 1999. “It was great.”

The Sunset Park BID has been hosting the festival for over a decade, giving local businesses a chance to stand out and offer their “goods and services” to the community they coexist with. It usually takes place on the second or third Sunday in September, and goes along Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 59th Street.

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Vendors, food merchants, arts and crafts and pony rides are usually among the highlights of the 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. event, along with Latin American items that were sold, piñacoladas that were enjoyed, and basketball hoops and inflatable games adored by children.

Two stages were set up, one on 45th Street with Mexican music, and another on 54th Street with community events, giving a reason for people to move to the beat all-day long.

A game of “Loteria,” or bingo, was played using specifics from Sunset Park, explained Giordano. Cards contained pictures of “The R train, local businesses and officials,” and their significance was explained to people who played while giving them a chance to get to know the neighborhood better, she said.

Also, District Attorney Charles Hynes was present, interacting with the community and informing them about the Safe Stop program. The owners of about 75 stores that are located from 38th Street to 64th Street have agreed to have logos in their storefront windows letting children and others who may be in need of assistance know that in case of an emergency, it is safe to enter and wait for help to arrive.

“It shows that they really care!” Giordano stressed.

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