Joseph L. Corace-President of Kiwanis Club of Mapleton

August 31, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Community Involvement: Joseph Corace has been the president of the Kiwanis of Mapleton for the past four years. He joined Kiwanis in 1984, and has not ceased to help his community since then. He was State Governor of Kiwanis in the years 2006 and 2007. He became the Brooklyn Division lieutenant governor in 1992, and Corace is now also the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center at North Shore Hospital.

“I believe in what the program does. It makes sure kids with pediatric trauma receive the special attention that they need,” he said.

He volunteers for a club which collects “food that would be thrown away,” and delivers it to the neediest, during Cyclone season. “[It’s a] very rewarding experience,” Corace noted

Corace also serves at Ronald McDonald house, and expressed that he believes, jokingly, that the program “does more for us than it does for them,” in the sense of the gratification that volunteers receive for being able to help. They bring food and entertainment once a month, providing love and support for the children who are hospitalized.

As part of his community involvement, Corace has helped coordinate fundraising efforts for many New York State Kiwanis Clubs. As a result, they have raised over $1 million for a campaign that, working with UNICEF, funded iodized salt projects around the globe, something which saved some 90 million children from iodine deficiency-caused mental retardation.

Awards: Corace has been honored by Visions, the Brighton Neighborhood Association, the New York City Council for the Aging, and the Easter Seals Foundation. He has also received the congressional Medal of Merit.

In addition, Corace was given the “Sons of Covenant Award” by B’NAI B’RITH, his most recent award. Also, the Friends of Kaiser Park honored him for his community efforts

Corace was also honored by the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Coney Island Gospel Assembly for his part in feeding the homeless and needy in the community.

Career: In 1977, Corace founded a data-entry business called ICM Data Services, “a company that performs the outsourcing of data entry.” Since then, it has provided years of uninterrupted service to hundreds of satisfied clients.

Personal: Corace’s life companion is Nydia, his wife of 16 years and a past lieutenant governor of Kiwanis, and has held many district chairpersonships. They have a son named Frank, and daughter-in-law, Kristyn. Corace is a proud grandfather to Michael, 13.

His biggest hobby as a family is volunteerism. As a family activity, they all enjoy the “Kiwanis spirit,” he said.

Motivation: “The ego that I have is satisfied by helping others,” Corace explained.

Biggest challenge: Having other people feel the way that he feels about helping others is Corace’s biggest challenge. He explains that throughout his life, he has encountered others who are looking to receive, rather than give. He believes “it would be an easier world,” if helping others were satisfying enough, without the need to receive anything in return.

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