Life tastes better with ice cream

August 22, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Spumoni lovers had to chance to eat as much of the icy sweet treat as they could, and compete for a prize during the fourth annual ice cream eating contest at Bensonhurst’s L&B Spumoni Gardens.

Even sweeter was the fact that present at the event, held on Sunday, August 19, were representatives of the Francesco Loccisano Foundation, an area organization dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families, whose goal was to raise money for their extremely worthwhile cause.

State Senator Martin J. Golden and Maria “The Ice Cream Girl” Campanella invited local residents to participate in this year’s competition or simply cheer on the competitors.

“Who doesn’t love ice cream and who doesn’t love Spumoni Gardens? “asked Golden. “What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and take a break from the summer heat.”

First place winner Ron Rondon, took home a $100 cash prize after having chucked down one gallon and a half, and Karolina Amalanzuk won second place title and $25.

The purpose of the event, stressed Campanella, was to “come together as a loving community for fun times, share some great laughs, big smiles and make some loud noise,” while at the same time, “help(ing) children sick with cancer who can’t be there smiling beside us in these precious moment we share.”

Fifteen contestants participated in the belly-filling contest.

Camille Barbati, the granddaughter of L&B’s founders, stressed that it’s all about “leaving with good memories.

“It’s all about coming in and leaving happy,” she concluded

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