Rekindling the romance

July 26, 2012 Editorial Staff
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It is every girl’s dream—having Prince Charming kneel down and propose in a romantic manner. But for one lady, the anticipated moment came, not once, but twice after her long-time husband asked her to remarry him, using a ring that both she and her beloved thought had been lost in the blaze that claimed their home last month.

Attorney Robert Howe, who has been practicing law in Bay Ridge for the past 30 years, never thought that after suffering a terrible incident such as having his 81st Street house burn down on June 21, he would be turning this episode from bitter to bitter sweet.

The evening of the fire, Robert and Diana Howe, left the house in a heartbeat, leaving all their personal items engulfed in flames.

Among their things was Diana’s wedding band, a 25th anniversary present, which she had removed and placed in her night table. She left it behind and thought she would never see it again.

However, Bob entrusted his home contractor and friend, John Michaels, whose eponymous company had been hired to do restoration of the house, with the task of trying to recover his wife’s most valuable possession. It wasn’t until two weeks later that Michaels texted him a picture of the ring. The house might have undergone some damage, but the ring had survived the ordeal.

“I pulled Diana to one side,” Howe said, explaining that after 33 years of being together, he asked her to marry him, once again.

“My wife thought I was fainting,” he revealed.

It wouldn’t have been possible, Howe explained, if it weren’t for the dedication of the workers fixing his home and his long-time friend, Michaels, and “the wish and prayer of his wife,” to regain what was hers.

The Howes’ home was one of four that were severely damaged, as a result of the fire. All four families were displaced by the blaze.

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