Using imagination to create sand sculptures for Coney Island’s yearly contest

July 24, 2012 Editorial Staff
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The “Law and Order” star and Bensonhurst native, Vincent D’Onofrio, was definitely not seen shooting his latest episode last Saturday, July 21.

D’Onofrio and his family, instead, made their way to the annual sand sculpting competition in Coney Island; and, not only did they participate, but they also came in first in the mixed division, which comprises teams made up of children and adults.

For over two decades, Astella Development Corporation’s sand sculpting competition in Coney Island has been the buzz of the town. The contest, this year, was held from West 10th to West 12th Street , and started at noon, lasting until about 5 p.m.

Sculptures of all shapes and sizes varied from sand sculptures designed to look like a giant sandwich, to a sand sculpture of the cartoon character, Snoopy.

The winners of the five categories took home $400 in cash prizes, turning the contest into an on-going Coney Island tradition.

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